Bas Krins
Being a Biblically faithful Christian today.

Welcome to my website



Welcome to my personal website. Although it is about the content and not the author, it is understandable that many would like to know who is behind this website.

I count myself among the Bible-believing Christians who read the Bible as the Word of God from cover to cover. And for those who would like to know in which church box I belong: I do not fit into any box. I often respond by saying, "I'm too evangelical to be Reformed and I'm too Reformed to be evangelical." I know both the reformed churches and the evangelical churches from within. And in many ways I feel like I'm somewhere in between. On the one hand, I am strongly focused on reading and understanding the Bible as God's Word, on the other hand, I am strongly looking for a life of faith. On various theological issues such as the end times and baptism I take an intermediate position.

I increasingly make use of lectures, articles and books by literary orthodox professors. These are contemporary Jewish scholars who have an orthodox Jewish interpretation of the Tanakh (the Old Testament), and place great emphasis on the linguistic aspects of the Hebrew text. There are several articles on this website that have been strongly influenced by this.


 I have an academic theological background. I studied theology in Utrecht. I have specialized in the relationship between the Old Testament and the New Testament and the Jewish background of the New Testament. The articles on the site are of an academic level. They are based on our own research in which the primary sources have been studied.
I regularly speak at worship services (in the northeast of the Netherlands), and I am a teacher at the ETS.
In daily life I am a natural science researcher. That makes me an independent and independent thinker. And that also means that I can be a bit critical every now and then.

The site is still under development and is constantly being adjusted and supplemented. I greatly appreciate responses. The contact form can be used for this.